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I was working at the Pentagon as a Soldier in the Army. I worked for the Defense Finance and Accounting Office. I was at work the morning of 9/11. I was at my desk when the plane hit. It took us roughly 20 minutes to get out due to the large amount of people trying to leave as fast as they could at the same time. The next week or so we guarded the perimeter to keep people and reporters out. We also cut boars and wood to help in the rescue efforts. We also dug trenches so the water from the Fire trucks would not flood the area.

A day or two after the plane struck we were at the sight working when a siren went off and they told us to run away from the sight as fast as we could because there was another plane in the airspace unauthorized as I jumped the fence I remember tearing my pant leg as I jumped over. Well come to find out it was a FEMA Plane that was in the air space. So we went back to work. I remember I had to walk back to Fort Myer Va where I lived the first couple of days after the attacks after my shift due to everything being chaotic and very hard to get around. I remember my face got so burnt the first day or two due to not being given Sunscreen until around day three. I remember also that Burger King had sent us all over Burgers which was very appreciated.

I will never forget the flames and smell of jet fuel and the people's faces for as long as I will live. The most proud moment I had was when they draped the American flag over the Pentagon.