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  • Healing families and communities after tragedy
    Voices Center for Resilience
  • VOICES 7th Annual Golf Outing
    Monday, June 14, 2021
    Quaker Ridge Golf Club
  • Providing guidance to promote healing and
    resilience after traumatic events
    VOICES Tip Sheets
  • 9/11 Living Memorial Project
    Commemorating the 2,977 lives lost
    on September 11, 2001
  • Coronavirus Response Program
    Offering guidance and programs to support wellness

Voices Center for Resilience assists communities in preparing for and recovering from tragedy, and provides long-term support and resources that promote mental health care and wellness, for victims’ families, responders and survivors.

Programs & Services

Programs & Services

A holistic approach to meet the evolving needs for long-term support.

Support & Services

Support & Services

Mental health & wellness programs and support for families and communities.



Conferences and webinars, training, advocacy and memorialization.

Discussion Groups, Support Groups, Webinars, Conf/Symp

VOICES is honored to have the support of dedicated professionals and volunteers who participate in our programs, education and training, and events. Their guidance has allowed us to expand our mission to serve other communities impacted by tragedy.

VOICES Support Groups provides opportunities for families, survivors and responders to connect and gain support from past experiences.

VOICES Webinars & Workshops provide support, healing and guidance from subject matter experts and an open discussion to ask questions.

VOICES Conferences and Symposiums brings together professionals, agencies, law enforcement, and providers.

Voices Center for Resilience Events

VOICES By the Numbers

VOICES By the Numbers

From 9/11 to today, VOICES had been assisting communities preparing for and recovering from tragedy, while providing long-term support and resources to promote mental health care and wellness. We’re proud to have helped so many victims’ families, responders and survivors. See our complete infographic.

Hours of social work services
19 Years
of expertise
Responders & Survivors Aided
Student Interns


Bipartisan lawmakers introduced a bill this week aimed at fixing what many airline industry employees view as a major security flaw that still exists 20 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. “It needs to come to a vote… today,” said Capt. Dennis Tajer with Allied Pilots Association, the union that represents 15,000 American Airlines’ pilots. More.

Two months after rioters breached the U.S. Capitol, many questions about the Jan. 6 attack remain unanswered. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for “an outside, independent 9/11-type Commission” to determine the facts and causes of the attack. “I think as a country we should be as horrified by the attacks on the Capitol as we were about 9/11,” says Ms. Fetchet, executive director, Voices Center for Resilience. More.

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