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The stories of responders, volunteers and rescue/recovery workers are a continuing source of inspiration. Our Stories section is a growing compilation of the truly heroic actions of so many on 9/11. They are a record of the confusion and courage, the unity and loss, that make up our collective memory of that day. For information on the many support and health monitoring programs available for 9/11 Responders, visit VOICES Responders page.


Buried in the Rubble
Submitted by Joe Torillo
Pain seeped through the cozy morphine cocoon protecting Joe Torrillo's brain from his crushed body. He awoke in a sterile, unfamiliar room, lying atop the taut, clean sheets of a hospital bed.
Craig Garber's Story
Submitted by Craig Garber
It was a cool and crisp September morning; it was the 11th day of the month; I got up early to water my garden. This was part of my morning ritual. Each day before work, as a way of finding peace.
Darlene Liveoak's Story
Submitted by: Darlene Liveoak
September 11, 2001 is a day I will always remember. As I was an employee for a long distance telephone company called ILD in San Antonio, Texas on that day. The first call came into the office at 6AM TEXAS time.
Diane Semmling's Story
Submitted by Diane Semmling
Diane Semmling is a 22 year veteran of the Coast Guard. She refers to herself as a responder, a person involved for assistance, not a person who rescues the living or recovers the deceased. Here is her account of September 11th.
Fireman, 9/11 Rescue Worker Story
Submitted By Robert Bartos
On September 11, 2001, Robert Bartos, a fireman for fifteen years, was a Fire Lieutenant with Ladder Company 3 in Bayonne New Jersey. Currently, a Fire Captain, he easily recalls that tragic time as it was only yesterday.
I Shall Live Without Fear
Submitted by Jeff Johns
Hello, I have just gotten back from the piles that once were, the twin towers. Today I met people from all over the world, K9 search and rescue teams from Austria, south America, Canada, Finland, Washington State, Italy... everywhere.
Jeffrey Shirer's Story
Submitted by Jeffery Shirer
Jeffrey was home with his wife and 20 day old daughter on 9/11. He was watching t.v. when the second plane hit the tower. His mother called and told him to turn on the t.v. He described the scene on the television as a movie and a shocker.
Michelle Alleyne's Story
Submitted by Michelle Alleyne
First of all I would like to thank Voices of September 11th for allowing survivors of 911 to have a voice and a day of remembrance. For without first God, abolitionist, advocates, friends and supporters of justice.