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17th Avenue and Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85003
United States

The memorial consists of three elements:
An Arizona Landscape consisting of a gently sloping path guiding people into a circle of boulders collected from around the state and symbolic of its response. The boulders will create an embracing space sunken into the earth that will open onto an adjacent basin like a canyon or wash in the Arizona landscape. The landscape includes shade trees and places to sit, and will be a nurturing environment to remember and reflect upon the events of 911.

A wall consisting of 2973 vertical stainless steel rods, symbolizing each magnificent life taken on September 11th will cross the path within the circle of boulders. Stainless steel not only reflects the changing light of day, but also responds physically to warmth and cold, giving it a vital quality. Reflected sunlight will appear as a vertical beam of light emanating from the center of the solid tube, symbolic of the human life force.

Two voids with their dimensions exactly proportional to the Twin Towers will mark the wall where it crosses the path. The voids not only represent the loss—in our nation, our state and ourselves following September 11th, but a moment of transcendence that brought the nation together like no other in recent history.