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South Hannevig & Maude Avenues
Brooklawn, NJ 08030
United States

Brooklawn’s 9/11 Memorial and Monument of the Delaware Valley” contains a
collection of artifacts from the three disaster sites of September 11,
2001. An 8,438 pound steel beam from the World Trade Center
disaster, rising 9’11” from its Pentagon shaped base is the overpowering
object of the site. This steel beam had been donated to our project by
the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A limestone
block, damaged in the attack on the Pentagon, sits atop a pedestal to
one side of the WTC beam. This artifact was donated to the project by
the United States Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters
Services, The Pentagon. Soil and stone artifacts from near the
Flight 93 crash site in Stonycreek Township (near Shanksville),
Pennsylvania sit atop a pedestal on the other side of the WTC beam,
encapsulated in a transparent housing for viewing. Those artifacts were
donated to our project by the United States Department of the Interior,
National Park Service, Flight 93 National Memorial.