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336 Westport Road
Easton, CT 06612
United States
Dedicated to:

Christine Hanson

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Purpose: To honor the memory of Christine Hanson, aged two-and-a-half who was lost on September 11, 2001. Her grandfather, Lee Hanson, noted "you don't often see a statue of an angel at a Congregational Church or school, but they planted this tree for Christine. That means a lot to me because the kids did it." <BR><BR><b> Reason site was selected:</b> The students and teachers of Old Academy Nursery School wanted to plant a tree at their site, since Christine had played there with her grandparents when she visited them in Easton. The school is affiliated with the Hanson's church. The tree is publicly visible from both the school window and the street. <BR><BR><b> Events planned for site:</b> Besides the planting, dedication, and maintenance of the tree, there are no other events planned. <BR><BR><b> Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?:</b> Lee Hanson replied that it while not sacred, it is beautiful to think of the children planting the tree, caring for it and watching it grow. Most of them will surely come back when they are grown to see the tree they planted with such love.” Eunice added that such places are “…a memorial, a reminder, a commemoration and a promise, but Ground Zero, where thousands of lives were taken, is truly hallowed ground.” <BR><BR>E on <a href="…;