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Harboside plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07303
United States
Dedicated to:

The efforts of rescue and recovery workers after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center


The sculpture, created by Matthew Johnson, shows the silhouette of an ironworker amidst the rubble of the fallen World Trade Center. The memorial was built to honor the efforts of the rescue and recovery workers who responded to the tragic events of September 11th. In his statement for the Mack-Cali webpage, the artist explained, “I have attempted to capture the fortitude and determination, as well as the weariness and sorrow in the gesture of the figure rising out of that mass of material which, in itself, is a memorial testimonial to the horrible event. (The rubble used is from actual wreckage of the Work Trade Center.) Together, the figure and the material create a multi-dimensional narrative that all at once pays tribute to the workers and gives a physical connection to the event and to the viewer. I have tried to execute this piece in the spirit of those workers and while aggressive physical interaction is a part of all of my work, this piece occurred amid a calming haze of reflection and remembrance.”