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East Meadow, NY 11554
United States
Dedicated to:

The citizens lost and those who contributed to the rescue efforts on September 11, 2001

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photos of the memorial on this page -…

Purpose: Banks said, “with the impact that the September 11th tragedy has had on Nassau County Residents, we would like to identify a site in Eisenhower Park to recognize our citizens lost and those who spent tireless hours working on a feat of common humanity....our hopes are that through a landscape design of tree plantings, woody landscape materials, and perennials we can offer a place for contemplation and healing to anyone that would like or need that comfort. Additionally the garden project would be able to restore a sense of pride in what and how we overcome such a tragedy, and renew a spirit within our community to continue to work together to preserve our freedom.”
Reason site was selected: "Eisenhower Park,” Banks said, “is centrally located within Nassau County and easily accessible to the residents throughout the county. The area within the park we would like to offer is at the north end of the lake. We feel this is an ideal spot for such a garden. Adjacent to this area are the Veterans Memorial Garden and Tree Plantings.
Events planned for site: The gardening project is based on community participation, they are considering holding a benefit concert at this site, and will update us as new events occur. They plan to involve local fraternal organizations, garden groups, corporations, and private sector participants.