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4201 Martin Luther King Ave SW
Washington, DC 20032
United States
Dedicated to:

A teacher, student and two parents

Contact Information:

To honor the teacher, student, and two parents from Leckie Elementary who were killed in the Pentagon attack. Reason site was selected: The Foundation runs an Architecture in the Schools program in DC schools. We were running the program at Leckie in September 2001. We wanted to help the students to work through the grief by creating something positive that would help them remember the lives of the people they lost. We started working with children in September 2002 - at least one volunteer in every classroom once a month - and dedicated the memorial on September 11, 2003.
Events planned for site: Many school related events will happen there, 394 children helped us design and build the memorial Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: It honors people lost in the Pentagon attack and it teaches children about what can be learned from loss.