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Mt. Iron, MN
United States

United States Steel employees at the Minntac plant (largest taconite plant in world) in Mt. Iron (population 2,000) dedicated a memorial at the entrance to the plant in 2002 which includes two pieces of WTC steel. The monument consists of four, 18-foot-tall stainless steel towers and two pentagon-shaped structures that stand atop a six-sided wooden base, which has “September 11, 2001″ inscribed on each side. The monument has a 360-degree design, allowing the `twin towers’ and `pentagon’ to be viewed from all sides. Debris, made of scrap steel, concrete and specular hematite — a glass-like mineral, is scattered across the base to represent the wreckage in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa. The debris field contains lights that highlight the memorial, and lights inside the towers shine up toward the sky. A 30-foot-tall flagpole flying the American flag rises from the middle of the four towers, and a solid, 4,500-pound concrete base secures the monument in place. It was designed by Dean Malenius.