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100 Black Rock Turnpike
Redding, CT 06896
United States
Dedicated to:

Peter Hanson

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Two stone memorial posts are on the grounds of Peter Hanson's high school. "The headmaster wanted something out here in the woods, a place where people could stop and reflect," said Lee Hanson.
Reason site was selected:The school has a “nature’s laboratory” in the woods and walking trails as well as a ropes course. but for the most part it is a quiet place. To enter the forest, everyone must pass through this glen, which offers a place for contemplation and peace.
Events planned for site. The school held a dedication at the site, where one of the students on the football team processed off the field with his team mates to come and sing. Lee Hanson said that the ceremony was touching and heartfelt. Other than that, they intend to place benches for sitting. It is a quiet spot that anyone can visit in a very private manner. The school has also created a special award in Peter's memory that is given out annually. Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?Lee Hanson replied that it while not sacred, “the family was touched by Peter’s High School setting aside this special space with the twin markers surrounded by natural beauty that Peter, Sue and Christine loved so much.” Eunice added that the natural beauty is a reflection of who Peter was in his love for nature, while Ground Zero will always be for us, a sacred place where thousands of good people’s lives were taken.”