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66710 Hwy 60
Salome, AZ 85348
United States
Dedicated to:

The Victims of September 11, 2001


The design of the monument was a community effort, starting with the double-sided metal waving flag - an icon of hope and freedom. Then the brass circle holding it true - symbolizing the circle of life. Much thought, time, and research went into the stature of the monument, knowing as a group that the image of the firefighters raising the flag at ground zero was to be a intricate part of the design. There was an importance to build this monument strong and true - to stand the test of time against the elements. Lowell Swenseid, a Salome High School Art Teacher, designed and sculpted the art piece for the center of the monument. It depicts the now famous image of three fire fighters raising the American Flag over the debris at ground zero