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Tammany Trace Trail
Slidell to Covington, LA 70471
United States
Dedicated to:

each person lost on 9-11

Contact Information:

Purpose: The proposal for a living memorial on the Tammany Trace consists of an allee of more than 3,000 oak trees. If completed, it would be the longest oak allee in the world. According to Tom Aicklen, the project coordinator, their goal is "to establish the oak allee as a living memorial to each person lost on 9-11. Since oak trees are very long lived and will be there 300-400 years, it will be a constant living reminder of the pledge to never forget and would enhance the beauty and recreation on the site, as well as being a major tourist attraction for the area."

Reason site was selected: The Tammany Trace is constantly being improved as a recreational, natural, cultural, and historic corridor. The allee of oak trees would be a grand scale response to 9-11 that would also enhance the site. The Trace goes through residential areas, past schools, cemeteries, golf courses, and unites parks and wildlife refuges. It is used by runners, rollerbladers, bikers, and horseback riders. Moreover, they are working to use the site to reintroduce the Eastern Bluebird by adding 2100 nesting boxes. Their trail is a part of the transcontinental bluebird trail that connects to their sister city Lacomb, Alberta. The Trace runs through the heart of the Parish, as the railroad formerly was the center of regional development.

Events planned for site: Aicklen views the trace as a linear sanctuary and a linear museum as well as a greenspace. They are developing three museums along the trace, along with bike-a-thons, musical events, Easter egg hunts, and perhaps a pow-wow. His desire is for programming along the Trace to reflect its role as "the backbone to the whole St. Tammany Parish," including its historical relevance to the Choctaw and Creoles. They would like to dedicate the living memorial by December of 2003, which is the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. They hope to involve citizen stewards of the St. Tammany Association of Retarded Citizens, to find sponsors for tree care and plaques, and are actively soliciting financial backing.