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Behind Wyckoff Town Hall
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
United States
Dedicated to:

Dana Hannon


The Inscription Reads: I never dreamed it would be me. My name for all eternity, recorded here at this hallowed place. Alas my name, no more my face. “In the line of duty'’ I hear them say. My family now the price to pay. My folded flag stained with their tears. We only had those few short years. The badge no longer on my chest. I sleep now in eternal rest. My sword I pass to those behind and pray they keep this thought in mind. I never dreamed it would be me. And with a heavy heart and bended knee, I ask for all here from the past… Dear God let my name be the last

A memorial to Dana Hannon - one of the firefighters that died in the North Tower, is located in front of them Wyckoff Volunteer Fire Department Company #1 firehouse (Scott Plaza, behind Wyckoff Town Hall) It consists of a bronze statue of a kneeling fireman, a granite block carving of his fire gear, and a reflection pond with an eternal flame.