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Place of Residence:
North Brunswick, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Computer Technician

It was a whirlwind romance. He had been living in Toronto; she in Cairo. He had gone home to Egypt for the wedding of his brother. There they met and two weeks later were engaged.

"It was crazy," recalled Irinie Guirguis, who married Albert Alfy Elmarry, a computer specialist, one year later. "We just knew we were right for each other."

By the time they married in November 1999, Mr. Elmarry had started work in New York at Cantor Fitzgerald. Ms. Guirguis followed him. They lived in an apartment in Edison, N.J., and embarked on an exciting new life together. Although they were sometimes homesick for their families in Egypt, it was clear that the job of Mr. Elmarry, who was 30, was going well — so well that the couple decided to buy a house.

They closed on a town house in North Brunswick, N.J., on Aug. 1. Several weeks later, Ms. Guirguis discovered she was pregnant with the couple's first child. The baby, a girl, is due in April. Now, Ms. Guirguis is not sure what to do.

"My family is in Egypt," she said. "But I feel Albert is here. I don't want to leave him."