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Place of Residence:
Leonia, NJ
Location on 9/11:
In Remembrance
Fred Alger & Company | Research Analyst
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
The Andrew Jay-Hoon Kim Memorial Foundation

As a child, Andy J. Kim developed his musical talents. He played piano, clarinet and guitar. During high school, he was in the marching band, the jazz band and the orchestra. At Columbia University, where he studied engineering and finance, he developed his spiritual side, working with the Campus Crusade for Christ.

After college, Mr. Kim, 26, was a research analyst for Fred Alger Management; in late July, he passed the certified financial analyst exam.

Although he lived in Leonia, N.J., he spent every moment he could at the Bethany United Methodist Church in Wayne, where his musicality and spirituality came together. He worked with the youth group and led the band that played during church services. Some said he was the best worship leader they had known.

He was especially excited when he was asked early this year to lead worship at Autumn Blaze, a gathering of about 6,000 young people scheduled for Oct. 13 in New Jersey. He even formed a special band for the event.

But they played without him. "We felt we should continue," said his companion, Michele Jhun, who sang in the band. "That is what Andy would have wanted."

I was at the 9/11 memorial and I randomly came across Andrew's name among all the others surrounding the waterfalls. Decided to take some time and look into who this person was whom I'd never met. My heart goes out to his family.

Posted by Ross Rogers

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