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Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

I've just had the courage to search for information about Christine. I knew Christine when she was in New York before she returned to Chicago. I found out she had been working for and was in Windows of the World when the tragedy occurred after a memorial service for the Windows on the World workers about seven years ago but couldn't bring myself to seek out information. I will always remember Christine as a lover of life and of chocolate.

Posted by Bill Fruhauf

Laura Ricciardi (not verified)

September 11, 2021

My Dear friend Chris, I met her when I was a Sophomore (1977) at Resurection H.S. She was a freshman.  We became fast friends, her and I were on the Cheerleading squad together how could we not we both loved cheering so much!  We cheered together for 2 yrs at Resurrection then she wanted to try out for the Weber H.S. Pom squad, there were 2 spots open on the squad and we both made it!  I was on the squad for 1yr and she was on for 2yrs. During her second year I would visit her at football games and that’s when I met my husband.  For weeks Chris was trying to get him and I to talk until we finally went out and we’ve been married for 35 yrs!  

After Chris graduated she went to New York and attended (F.I.T) Fashion Institute of Technology) we lost touch for a bit but we talked on the phone here and there.  One year before 9/11 in November she came back to Chicago for her High school reunion. She decided to pay me a visit, it was wonderful she met my kids and we talked and laughed for a few hours. We said our good byes with tears. On 9/11 when the plane hit the North Tower my heart ached. I picked up the phone and called her hoping she wasn’t working at the Windows on the World resturant. I got her answering machine, I left her a message…I knew she was gone I felt it.  My heart broke and ached.  I went to her funeral they had in Chicago, I felt her in the church I new she was there, it was a rainy day but occasionally the sun shined through the magnificent stained glass windows I smiled when I saw that I knew she was there!  When I walked out of the church her brother Conrad stopped me, he said he listened to her answering machine he told me it was so nice and that they would keep it.  I hugged him, I smiled and cried and said Thank You.

Chris I know you are reading this, thank you for being my friend, I will LOVE YOU FOREVER I’ll see you soon. ~!~

Posted by Laura Ricciardi

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