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Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

My heart goes out to your family. I worked with David at Rent-a-Pc such a great guy you are thought about and in my prayers.

Posted by Donna Sabatano LoNigro

E.J., stranger (not verified)

September 19, 2023

I did not know David and when he left this world I hadn’t even entered it yet. However, I feel it is important to never forget those that were killed and can no longer speak for themselves and tell their stories. When I can find the time I read some of the profiles posted on this website to learn more about the individual people behind the large number of victims. No, I did not know them. But they were here. They were important. They still are.

Today I read David’s profile on here and decided to do some searching online to find out more. I found a 2006 article titled “A Tribute To David Tirado”. Written by The Rusty Nut Telegraph, it did an amazing job of showcasing the most important thing: David was real. He enjoyed the same bands as me and my dad, he liked to cheer people up, he was goofy, he was a good friend, he was engaged to his long term girlfriend. All that was taken away from him. I cannot fathom how the family lives with the grief that comes after such a wonderful person is taken away so senselessly and abruptly.

But I hope they manage to see some light despite the darkness. I hope they find hope. The most moving part of the article was Richards reply to the interviewer’s question on what he would do if he had one more day with his brother. He said “If I had one more day with my brother I would switch spots with him.”

David, may you rest in peace

Posted by Anonymous

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