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February 21, 2020

To the family of Davin N. Peterson,
I am writing to say how sad we are for your loss. Our family took a trip to NYC this week and visited the 911 memorial for the first time. We paused to take in the magnitude of this site and looked down to see your sons name. We were astonished as our oldest sons name is also Davin. For us Davin is a very unique name and one that we have only ran across once before in our sons 16 year life. We were struck by this significance and talked about it. When we arrived home to New Hampshire we still had your son Davin in our minds. We looked him up and were heartbroken for this loss and your loss. We could feel how much dimmer the world became with the loss of this young man. As a Mom my heart breaks for all of you. Please know that your son now has a special place in our hearts too. We are so sorry. May God be with each of you each and every day. Our deepest condolences Michelle Russell Trai and Kai

Published by Michelle A. Jimeno

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
New York, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Trader
The Davin Peterson Scholarship
Hobbies and Special Interests:
horseback riding

Davin Norman Peterson Davin Peterson; his friends considered him a gentle giant, he was a guardian of his sisters, a strong mentor to his brother, and to his mother, Davin was her one-and-only “Ging-Ging.” Born on June 3, 1976, Davin Norman Peterson at 6’6” with at size 16 shoe size was hard to miss. As the oldest of four siblings, all 16 months apart, he enjoyed taking advantage of the benefits of being the first born, but more than anything, he loved his mother who threw him on a horse at just about the same time he learned how to ride a bike. Davin soon discovered that he preferred afternoons at the stable riding his equestrian jumpers to those at the beach. Like other boys his age, the blonde-hair, blue-eyed Laguna Beach native had a skim board and played basketball, but Davin’s childhood passion was horses and it was in the riding ring that he excelled and revealed his patience, courage and dedication to the things that he treasured. Davin learned at a young age that treasures come in many forms. His vast travels through Asia and Europe taught him that life experiences make you rich. He also knew that wealth had its monetary form, which brought him to New York City. After graduating from Muhlenburg College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Davin landed a job at a small securities firm in New Jersey with the idea of performing his way to one of the top financial institutions in New York City; Cantor Fitzgerald. He traded equities for the firm and his desk was on the 104th floor of Tower 1. Davin Peterson’s physical frame may have been defenseless to the attacks of September 11, 2001, but his friends and family will protect his loving memory for eternity. His absence continues to be a painful adjustment, even for his mother’s Yorkshire terrier that he left behind, but his infectious smile, his acceptance for others, his willingness to see beyond the surface, and his diplomatic nature continue to inspire those who knew him. Davin’s passing made it clear that the treasure that we call life brings us the greatest fortune the world has to offer: happiness. The life of Davin Norman Peterson, the Gentle Giant, the protective brother, the loving mentor, known-by-one as “Ging-Ging” brought more wealth for those who knew him than all the stocks on Wall Street.