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CBullman (not verified)

September 23, 2022

I did my first 5K on September 17th, 2022 for Tunnel to Towers. I wore a tag with Dennis Germain's name and picture. I finally decided to Google his name to learn more about this American Hero and I am glad that I did. It sounds like he was an amazing person and I will walk all of my future 5K's with his picture to always remember the sacrifice that he made for our country!

Posted by CBullman

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Tuxedo Park, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Ladder 2

Denis Patrick Germain‚ was born October 19‚ 1967‚ and grew up in Sloatsburg‚ NY. He graduated from Suffern High School and Ramapo College in Mahwah. He was one of five children and the youngest of three brothers. His siblings say that Denis became a hero to the world on September 11‚ 2001‚ but to us he was something more important than that long before then‚ he was‚ and will always be our brother. He was a loving and caring uncle to seven nieces and nephews and a good and loving son to Philip Mickey Germain and Margaret Peggy Germain.

Denis was always a child at heart and enjoyed children and children were naturally drawn to him and his charisma. He was a genuine and humble person who dearly loved and was proud of his family. His infectious laugh and wide grin brought a smile to your face whenever you were in his presence. He was never affected by power or money and never tried to impress anyone. He always did things at his own pace and never demanded anything of anyone except sincerity.

He was a seven-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department serving with Ladder Company 2 in Manhattan. He was also a fireman at Tuxedo Fire District Company 2. In his short career as a Firefighter he was recognized for outstanding performance‚ exemplifying professional character and exceptional ability and awarded three citations for bravery.

He was an avid ice hockey player and served as a valuable team member on the New York City Firefighters Hockey Team. He was also a proficient BMX bike rider and a down hill skier. He skied the Rockies on department trips and was indispensable at the annual downhill race at Hunter Mountain‚ New York‚ which pits firehouses against one another.

Denis was recognized by his fellow skiers as one of the better skiers the department had. He was also a ski instructor at the Sterling Forest Ski Center‚ in New York State where he spent his free time. He was actively involved in the Center’s Development Program‚ in which he organized and trained high school racing teams. He traveled with the Sterling Forest race team to New York State Ski Racing meets and was a NASTAR course pacesetter. He was instrumental in the Sterling Forest Annual Fire Department of New York Widows and Orphans Day as an instructor for the children. He was described as the role model you want your child to grow up to be. He was always available when he was needed‚ during long hours of training young children to ski and to encourage and develop their skills‚ the car rides to races all over New York State and‚ most importantly‚ on top of the freezing mountain keeping kids safe and reassuring the parents.

Denis was someone special to everyone he knew and touched in his very kind and special way‚ but most of all he was the son you pray for and the brother who is your true friend and always there when you need him.