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I cannot believe it has been 7 years today it never gets any easier. Mom & I just spent the afternoon & evening with Lisa and the children. I took Billy & Timmy to Split Rock where we used to play & they had the best time just like when we were little. They both look so much like you. Jen is BEAUTIFUL you would not have let her out of the house if you were here right now.

We all miss you so much & we gathered today to remember you & your joy for life. I miss your laughter & humor more than anything.

Thanks for today's blessing Ted! I know without a doubt that you were here with us in spirit. You live in all of our hearts. I'm gonna try not to be so sad anymore & live a happy life in your honor. I know you would not want my heart to be completely shattered like it has been the past seven years. I know you would want me to move forward & enjoy life as much as you did. I owe it to you to cherish life since yours was cut way too short. I bring your memory with me everywhere I go & no one will ever forget you!

Love Alex

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In Remembrance