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Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

We love you & miss you. It feels like we saw you yesterday. The boys & Joan are well. Miles is attending UVA.

Posted by Mom & Dad

Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

Hello, After the tragic events of 911 a bracelet was purchased for me in honor of one of the fallen. I feel that it is time to return this bracelet to the family who I feel might like to have it. If the family of Mr. Kirwin could please email me I would gladly send this to you. Thank you, Tiffany Higgins Ft. Worth Texas

Posted by Tiffany Higgins

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Place of Residence:
Scarsdale, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Head of Product Development - eSpeed
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
University of Virginia Fund c/o Glenn D. Kirwin- Sept. 11th Fund

Glenn Kirwin was fit. Triathlon fit.

Over the years, he competed in a number of triathlons, and though he stopped the endurance events after the children arrived, he kept himself in enviable shape. "He was a fitness freak," said his wife, Joan. "He did 50-mile bicycle rides."

When they were dating, she attempted to keep up, but it was hopeless. "I once did 30 miles with him," she said, "but I couldn't sit for a week."

Mr. Kirwin, 40, lived in Scarsdale, N.Y., and was up at 5:15 in the morning to catch the 6:30 train to New York, where he was the head of product development at the eSpeed division of Cantor Fitzgerald.

It was usually 8 at night when he arrived home. It was his practice, though, to always do something with the children, Miles, 10, and Troy, 7, before they went to bed. He would read them a story or play checkers or engage in a game of Go Fish. Sometimes they would go outside and play catch or shoot baskets.

On weekends, he would take the boys golfing with him, even if that meant they did little more than steer the cart. Miles had gotten into running, and Mr. Kirwin would take him jogging for three or four miles.

In mid-October, Miles came home from school beaming. There had been a mile run that day as part of the National Physical Fitness Award program. Miles told his mother that he had finished first among the fifth graders. Mrs. Kirwin said to him, "Well, Daddy was up there watching you and rooting for you."