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February 21, 2020

The years have gone by and i couldn't have done it without your love and support. I know you are close by and I feel your love and guidance. Our lives have changed as we know it but we are forever intertwined. I was blessed to have you as my best friend. You always gave unselfishly. Giving me advice and lending a hand. Never looking for anything in return. I was blessed to have you as my mentor. You were bright and intelligent. Your work ethic was admirable you earned the respect of your friends and business colleagues. Your deep faith led us to persevere in our darkest times to welcome family friends and love into our lives. I was blessed to have you as my husband with a happy marriage hopes and dreams for our future. You and I were blessed to have our children Liz and James. I enjoy my life with them and they are so happy and love life! So many moments with Liz and James over the years have humbled me and I've wished that i could swap places so they too could experience your love and hold your hand. It is the hardest knowing the visit was in the silence of a communion birthday Christmas emergency room visit. I know you were there. All of my stories really don't do justice to having you here as you were. Strong tall and handsome with a fantastic laugh and smile. We watch videos and the kids are amazed at your New York accent and the soft tone you had with Liz in the pool and how gentle you were with James as he lay asleep on your chest. I have such gentle playful images of you. While watching the NY Rangers or Yankees was heaven on earth for you Jimmy. You used to say they called you "Five-boroughs Jim". It was fitting for a you in so many ways. That is where we met we lived worked and where our world ended. "Why do i need to go anywhere else?" you would call from the lounge chair next to the pool with a cold one in your hand hanging with friends and family. So life has changed forever.... and i remember thoughts and stories just like that. Your life has had the greatest influence in my life. I still hold onto all of your blessings. I have been blessed 2 more times over. Hope has brought Frank into our lives and i am so grateful for his love and guidance. He's a special man and father. I love our little one Katherine she's an angel. She's a little sister and keeps on giving to the entire family she's a happy spirit that loves everyone. Your mom speaks of the moon when she remembers you. The bright moon makes her feel that you are there with her. It reminds her of your time together spent looking up to the sky and enjoying a nice evening with you just before your mom and began their trip back to staten island. What a loss for your parents - these are the two pains. Your moms and our children that are most difficult for me. We all speak of you your mom, sisters brothers nephews niece my family Franks family all of us gather together and enjoy the company of each other. Just as you would have it. A much larger blended family than you could ever imagine filled with challenges opportunities love and faith. Jimmy you are dearly missed and you will always be loved and remain part of our lives. Thank you for looking over us from heaven and continuously blessing our lives and bringing comfort to our spirits through love and hope. We are grateful to God our Father and his everlasting light. May it shine brightly on you and dad in heaven Jimmy! We will meet you there.
Love always,

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