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Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

Leah had to be one of the smartest, funniest, and the most outgoing people that I have ever met in my life. I worked along side of Leah while I was at NatWest and she was a consultant for Cambridge Technology Partners, so we spent a lot of time together. She had a special way of making every day a little brighter with her positive attitude towards life and her amazing tendencies to always have a remarkably bright smile.

She was an amazing manager, a thoughtful teacher, and one of the most talented people that I've ever met in the technology space.

She is truly missed but she will never be forgotten.

All my love

Posted by Patrick Calero

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts and our memories. Not a day goes by without thinking of you... 9/11/12

Posted by Rachel White Glavis

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Place of Residence:
Hoboken, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Vice President
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
James P. White Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

That single line doesn’t begin to tell you about this wonderful man I’ve met over the past few weeks. James Patrick White, called Whitey by all of his friends, was the firstborn of five children, three boys and two girls. Born June 22, 1967, he grew up in a house of love, a role model to his younger brothers and sisters. He also knew how to dress to impress, even at a young age.

He not only enjoyed school, he excelled in his classes. He was driven and had a real thirst for knowledge that showed all through his life. He set goals for himself then strived until they were accomplished. He had a real love for reading, yet he wasn’t just a bookworm; he also enjoyed many sports, including tennis and learning to ski at an early age.

Jimmy was chosen as the speaker at his eighth grade graduation. The speech was entitled “Beating to a Different Drummer”. That was something that always applied to Jimmy’s life. He really started to shine in high school.

Jimmy was a B student at Hightstown High School. He, like many of us, found things he’d rather be doing than studying. Being a typical high school student, he spent time goofing off with his friends, occasionally getting into trouble for breaking curfew or drinking. On the other hand, he excelled in sports. He played varsity tennis in high school, winning the state championship. Even after graduation from college he stayed close to his high school buddies.

Jimmy came into his own in college. He got excellent grades, yet had time to have fun. He joined the Alpha Tau Omicron fraternity at Clemson University. His page in the ATO pledge book reads: “The real difference between men is energy. A strong, settled purpose and an invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the distinction between great men and little men.” This statement fit Jimmy perfectly.

One roommate said Jimmy had a wonderful sense of humor. You couldn’t be around him without smiling and laughing. Another friend said he always had a smile on his face and a friendly greeting. I can believe that; every photograph I’ve seen shows him smiling like he just got a great Christmas present. He could always be counted on to see the bright side of any situation. He had a warmth in his eyes and joy in his soul. Yet that fierce determination never left him. Jeff and Jodi Jacobson said they’d never met anyone so sure of himself. Once he took a friend to the top of the Empire State Building. As they looked out across the skyline, Jimmy pointed out the Twin Towers. He said, “One day, I’m going to work there.” There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he would.