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February 24, 2020

I live everyday blessed. On 9/11 I was only a toddler and I didn't know what was going on. I only remember that I was at my grandparents house and my older sister told my cousin and I to come to the computer room where she was. She pulled a news station site which shown the World Trade Center attack. I remember crying when I saw it and kept asking questions. That is all I can remember. But on the same day each year the schools tell us what happened and why it happened; each year I learned something new. I hate watching the videos because it's a reminder of the evil that was upheld there and the sorrowful emotions that filled the air. I can never pull myself away from it though because it's hard not to remember someone who was tragically killed or to remind myself of those who were brave and how it changed my life and America's. Jeanmarie seemed like she was a loving person. It must be terrible to give up someone you held dearly to your hearts. You re not alone and all of the U.S. supports your family.

Posted by Jalia

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