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Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

my name is Keith Bowen. I am a formal law enforcement officer that lives in Georgia. The morning of September 11 I was chaulking parts of my house I was building. When the first plane hit I went to one of our fire stations and witnessed the second crash and watched in fear as them towers came down. On May 6th of 2014 I visited Ground Zero. I walked over to one of the fountains and placed my hands on the surface that had the victim s names. I took a picture of the name Jennifer Lynn Mazzotta. Prior to me taking the picture I had a cold feeling going through me. I walked over to a sitting area just away from your name. I wondered "who was Jennifer Lynn Mazzotta?" With the technology we have I was able to research Jennifer Lynn Mazzotta. When I saw to were only 23 I cried. While I had my face in my hands crying someone placed there hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was a young United States Marine who had lost both hands and legs. He told me "we are going to be ok." I just looked at him and just could not understand. He smiled at me and walked away. I could not stand up and sat in my spot for a lease an hour still crying. Jennifer I am going to make it my best to come to this site on April 12 and leave you flowers by your name. Jennifer thank you.

Published by Keith Bowen

Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

In my World History/Geography class our assignment is to write to someone who died on nine-eleven. So this is my letter to you. When nine-eleven happened I was just four years old, I didn't understand what was occurring at the time. But over the years I have had classes, seen images, read books and stories. And today I saw the news reports that were shown that very day. And seeing those people planes, The Twin Towers, and The Pentagon. I just can't believe that happened. Seeing it and reading about it are very different. You can understand it better. You can go back to that very day. And just see everything unraveling wishing you could help but realizing everything has already happened. And there is no stopping it. I had seen that you lived in New York, New York. I want to go there someday. Maybe even live there one day too. I would love to live in a city, maybe Washington DC. But I'm leaning towards New York.

Posted by Julia

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