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February 21, 2020

Thinking of Our Farrell families in Rockaway Brooklyn and around the country today. God bless you. Maureen Farrell Kenner oldest daughter of Jack Farrell and Joanne Farrell

Published by Maureen Farrell Kenner

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Place of Residence:
Brooklyn, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Vice President and Partner
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
The John G. Farrell Memorial Scholarship

How do you measure a life in 250 words? We remember John as a loving son to Marie and Jim; a great brother to Margaret, Jim and Kevin; a wonderful brother-in-law to Robert Paxton and Christine; a caring and compassionate grandchild to Grandpa and “Peg”, a fun-loving cousin and nephew. We remember him as Uncle John – all entertainment, but no diapers. We remember him as a generous and loyal friend.

We remember John growing up in Rockaway – the beach, the basketball hoop, “the cousins” and tons of fun. Four great years at Xavier taught him how to commute him into “the city” and even “speak” Latin. We can still see him jumping in a car to Worchester, MA as an undergraduate at the College of the Holy Cross, his “dream school”. He made great friends along the way and celebrated with his fellow Crusaders this May at their 10-year reunion.

Shortly after college, John moved to Manhattan and secured a position with Cantor Fitzgerald. He began as an assistant trader in the government bonds division. In time, John’s honesty, diligence and work with clients were rewarded and he became a Vice President and partner. John never self-identified with his job, but always took great pride in his co-workers, especially those who shared his keen sense of justice.

We remember the great friends John made at Cantor and the hysterical tales he would regale. We remember him playing golf, his “thirst” (“cocktail time”), the “workout contests”, the Mets, the Red Storm, the Shore, the bets, and being “off the desk”. When we think of his last morning, we especially remember Mike Andrews, Teddy Brennan, Tommy Cahill, Al Mallor and too many others who vibrant lives were wretched from us.

John was a gift to us all and we will always remember his ready smile, his quick wit, his generous nature. He loved life and we are heartbroken that his ended so soon and so suddenly. The adventures were numerous, the laughter was immeasurable, the void is unspeakable.