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Patrick was a wonderful decent and kind man -- quiet, funny and full of life -- a loving husband father, brother, and son. He was also a loyal and dedicated employee to Harvey, Young, Yurman for 15 years -- as first a clerk for HYY then a stockbroker. As a member of the American and New York Stock Exchanges, he rose to the esteemed ranks of Floor Official on the floor of the AMEX. But what he loved most was spending quiet times with his family both at home and away on vacations. He loved having his extended family over for barbecues and swims in his pool. He loved watching his favorite teams -- Yankees, Nets, Devils and Giants. He loved movies and music. Quite a trivia buff, he could name every song on an album, actors in movies and retell scenes, line for line. Patrick could be seen many a day unwinding with the earphones on listening to his favorite tunes which included the Beatles.

I am very happy that one of his many "dreams" came true -- the opportunity to buy a home and live with his wife and daughter in Marlboro, NJ and to share that dream with all his family. He was so looking forward to sharing that dream too with his new son. Although the commute into the city wiped him out many a day, he was very proud of his accomplishments at such a young age and his ability to provide for his family.

Patrick would want to be remembered for his great smile his interesting sense of humor his laid back personality his honesty his need for nothing materialistic all the fun he had in the yard playing ball with his cousins his love for the ocean and great days on the beach the immense love that he had in his heart for his family and his two greatest gifts to the world -- his daughter Erin and his son Patrick.



Posted by Linda Dickinson-Pancila

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Place of Residence:
Marlboro, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Harvey Young Yurman Inc. | Stockbroker

Lawrence Patrick Dickinson loved jaunts to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, visits to Williamsburg, Va., and trips to Las Vegas. But most of all he relished family time at home in Marlboro, N.J., sitting by the pool, relaxing on the couch while his daughter Erin, 7, fell asleep on his belly, or playing a mean game of Trivial Pursuit.

Mr. Dickinson, 35, a stockbroker on the American Stock Exchange who worked for Harvey Young Yurman, spent long days in the hectic world of futures and options trading, standing on the floor of the exchange. On Sept. 11, he was having his weekly Tuesday morning meeting at Windows on the World. With him were five colleagues from his company, including his brother-in-law, who is also missing.

With his days so frenzied, Mr. Dickinson kept it simple when he was away from work, said his wife, Linda. "It was enough for him to look at the stars at night or relax by the pool," said Mrs. Dickinson, who met her husband 18 years ago when the two worked at a five-and-dime store in Jersey City.