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My heartfelt sympathy to Lynda, Anthony and Michael after all these years. The pain (from my experience) doesn't go away, we just get used to it. I didn't know Eddie, but from what I've read I would love to have. What a legend, what a loss!

Posted by John Stoker

I had the honor to do a memorial walk on 9/11 2016 at Downtown Disney California for the first responders. I walked for Lt. Edward D'Atri. The experience was so moving. It was a simple Facebook page started in the beginning of the year by some amazing folks whose husband is a firefighter over here in California. They were hoping for a big event. But did not expect such a huge turn out. Over 5 hundred people showed up. We got shirts, bibs with our fallen heroes names, patches. So many people volunteered their services by helping organize the event. The day before we met at Target to receive our t-shirts. I could feel the love and gratitude. Even Helpful Honda came and brought breakfast for everyone and helped passed out shirts.
The day of the event Downtown Disney was packed! Some people even drove hours away to get here.We started our walk on the outside of Disneyland around the hotel so everyone could do the walk for free. Cars honked in support for us. A walk for the fallen heroes has never happened at Disneyland. The guest who came for Disneyland were asking people all day about the shirts and how they could participate. All the money we raised got donated to the victims families.
It was a really moving day. Especially since I was a little girl who doesn't remember anything about this day 15 years ago. 9/11 changed the world. And being able to show our support all the way over here in California was really life changing. Because even though some of us can't make it to New York to help and show our support, it felt amazing doing this for our fallen heroes.
I never met Edward but reading about him, I felt like he was apart of my family. He was a body builder, loved karate, and mostly his children. On 9/11 it was Edwards day off but he went in as soon as he heard about the planes hitting the twin towers. He was last seen going up tower 1 looking for his fellow firefighters. I will always carry Lt. Edward D'Atri in my heart. Thank you for saving so many people. Your legacy lives on forever. Rest in Peace!

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