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Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

mom, I love you and miss you. I think about you every day. I wish I had said all the things I needed to. I want to thank you for everything you taught me. I continue to share your knowledge with my children. I just wish they would have had the chance to know you. They would have loved having a grandma like you. They will never know how much they missed by not living their life with you. I had so much more I needed to learn from you. I have so many more questions to ask you. I carry you everyday in my heart. You will never be forgotten.


Posted by Lisa Cardinali

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020


I visited a few days ago at the memorial NY was impressive I have no words to describe what I felt and how much I feel the loss of all these people.
I took a picture of the name Marianne Teresa Simone and I would like to share with you as a tribute to this great woman.
I leave the link of the picture, hope you like it.
Please let me know if you see the picture.

Posted by Guillermo Roche

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Place of Residence:
Staten Island, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Communications Specialist

Marianne Simone, born Marianne Teresa Liquori was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She once wrote that one of her proudest accomplishments was playing the piano at Carnegie Hall at a young age. She was raised with strong Italian traditions, which in later years contributed to her fantastic cooking. She had two younger sisters, Virginia and Lucille. The family later moved to Staten Island, where she remained until her death. After Marianne’s parents passed away she became the matriarch of the family. She had close ties to her family and was there for everyone in good times and bad. She was married to her childhood sweetheart on September 11, 1960. They remained married for twenty five years. They had three children together. Marianne’s eldest daughter Teresa and her mom had a special bond. They not only shared a strong parent/child relationship, they were also best friends. They spent many a day laughing, talking and sharing in each others everyday life. She was a key component in Teresa’s family life with her husband Brad, son Bradley, Krystal and Alexis. Her second child Lisa gave her mom the normal trouble a close mother/daughter relationship often encounters. Lisa always had a home at her moms. They had a deep unconditional love for each other. Lisa had a medical condition that her mom always helped her bear. She would often help Lisa with the care of her three small children, Christopher, Nichole and Michael (who was born the same day as Marianne in 2001). She had a respect and love for Lisa’s husband Rich. Lisa’s relationship with her mom evolved into a very emotional and spiritual love and understanding for one another. Her youngest son Stephen lived with his mom until he left to marry Carolyn eleven months prior to his mom’s death. Marianne lived with Stephen longer than she had lived with anyone her entire life. We often joked that they were like an old married couple. They would quarrel over nonsense and finish each other’s sentences. Stephen watched helplessly as his beloved, beautiful mothers building crumbled. He knew immediately that she was gone because he felt a piece of himself die. Stephen has since had a daughter Alyssa Marianne, and another child on the way that his mom will never meet. We, Marianne’s children, continue each day to live with a large hole in our hearts, a void only a mother can fill, a void only Marianne can fill with her loving, caring, humorous nature. She was always there for anyone that needed her. She had close extended family ties and friendships that will forever feel the loss in her absence. She worked for Cantor Fitzgerald for eighteen years. I need to think that she died looking into the eyes of the people she had grown to know and love throughout the many years. I pray that she was not alone and her positive outlook on life gave her hope until she took her final breath. Mommy, until we meet again…I love you.