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Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

This may seem odd more than 10 years after 911 but I just recently was made aware that Mike passed in the attacks. I worked with him at Columbia Equities in the early nineties and was always amazed at his"can do" attitude". He was definitely the "go to" guy. I was so shocked and saddened by the news and just wanted you to know that Mike was a really special guy that had a work ethic that not many around him had. I just wanted to say how sorry I was and to let you know that he stood out among his co-workers as someone special.

Posted by Bonnie Mongno

ali moueen al jobori (not verified)

April 02, 2022

I'm so proud of him as we both are Americans. He is unique and we both value life, liberty and freedom

Posted by Ali

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Place of Residence:
Bronxville, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fred Alger & Company | Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
Michael A. Boccardi Trust

Michael Andrew Boccardi - He entered the world on February 6, 1971, arriving in the City of Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York. His proud parents, Michael Ray Boccardi and Carol Ann Shaw Boccardi, knew from that moment on that he was special. His teachers learned that when he entered school.

Upon recommendation from one of his teachers in elementary school, Michael was skipped a grade. He amazed the principal and teachers at Lincoln Elementary School as he debated the political issues during the election time. Curious with an eagerness to learn new things, Michael excelled academically. He attended Lincoln Elementary School, Mound Vernon Middle School and in June of 1988, graduated from Mount Vernon High School. He received a full scholarship to Cooper Union School of Engineering in New York City, having achieved a perfect score of “800” on the mathematical section of the Scholastical Achievement Test. He was the recipient of the New York State Elk Association’s Most Valuable Student Award; City of Mount Vernon’s Superior Achievement and Exemplary Personal Charitable Award; Iona College Physics Department Award; Mount Vernon High School Enrico Fermi Award; Emblem Club Award; Catherin I. Rhodes Mathematics Award; Bausch and Lomb Award; Presidential Academics Fitness Award; Empire Stat Scholarship Award; Voice of Democracy Award; and Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary Award. He graduated Cooper Union School of Engineering in May of 1992.

Inspector gadget was his nickname. Each time technology advanced, Michael had to have the latest model whether it was a television, computer, telephone or some new item being marketed. He loved the technological age. If someone had a problem with their phone or computer, he never minded spending numerous hours fixing it for them.

During his elementary school years, Michael entered Cub Scouts and much to his Cub Scout Master’s surprise, went up the ranks and became Eagle Scout. Although he moved away from his hometown, his devotion to scouting and the boys made him come back each week to his old troop where he eventually became Scout Master Troop 40 in Mount Vernon. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent - “Scout Law” - was the code he lived by. Scouting was his passion. He was devoted to the boys and their families. He would spend hours researching trips and finding ways for the parents to be able to afford the trips so their sons could enjoy the opportunity presented. He would spend his own money to take advantage of a special deal and tell the parents don’t worry about it that they could pay him back when they had the money. I vividly recall one trip he took to California with the scouts where he coerced me into making lasagna for the whole troop and he carried three pounds of frozen lasagna on the plane so when they arrived, they could all have a good meal.

Michael’s concern about children led him to become detective of the Rockland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. He was so proud to show his father that he too now had a badge.

Grandma Rosie wrote to President Ronald Reagan to inform him that he wasn’t the only important person born on February 6th. He now had competition.

Grandpa Andy didn’t realized what he started when he gave Michael his first flashlight at age two. From then on, Michael collected every flashlight he could find. And, when there was an electrical power failure in the neighborhood, he supplied the neighbors with flashlights and batteries. Boy was he thrilled to do that.

Having learned to take things apart and put them back together at an early age, unscrewing Grandma Angie’s tea cart at age three, he continued his dexterity later on with assisting his father put together a gas grill. It certainly was a battle of wits that day.

“Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here” - Captain Kirk - Star Trek - oh how he loved that show. His sister Michelle was subjected to endless nights of having to watch the reruns with him.

His boss at Fred Alger Management met him prior to his employment with the company at a scout function and told him to give him a call should he want to work with his company. Shortly thereafter, Michael applied for the job, was hired and worked his way up to the position of Senior Vice President of Institutional Relations at Fred Alger Management. In spite of the tremendous demands of his job, he still found time for his family, friends and scouting.

On the morning of September 11th, Michael was at the office early preparing for a business trip later that day. His assistant called him earlier that morning to advise that he would be delayed. Michael also had some scout business on his mind so he sent an e-mail transmittal to the Boys Scout Troop secretary. After the impact, Michael sent a text message to his assistant asking him where he was and advising him not to enter the building. We know he survived the impact but the events that followed remain unknown for his family. The Scout Law that Michael lived by would never allow him to abandon someone in need. Leave the building when so many people were injured and needed him, was never an option. To stay and assist was the only solution.

How does one sum up the life of a child they lost through such tragic circumstances? There are so many stories and countless memories of joy, tenderness and pain. We look back in reflection from him time of birth, to his school years, to the find young man of honor and integrity that died on 9/11. He accomplished more in his short life than others do during their entire lifetime.

Michael your spirit and love will remain forever in our hearts.

Mom, Dad & Michelle