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Anonymous (not verified)

February 20, 2020

We think of Nina often. We are remembering her infectious laugh and smile. We miss her dearly.

With love, Will, Karen, Kelly and Hans.

Posted by the Law Family

Anonymous (not verified)

February 20, 2020

9/11/11. Through a friend I just found out that Nina was a victim of the 9/11 WTC. I am so sorry for your loss. There just isn't a greater loss than ones offspring.

Posted by Joan Campbell Pope

Brian Kaplan (not verified)

March 14, 2022

My roommate, Paul Trapani and I lived next door to Nina and her roommate Kari Shaw in the first random co-ed dorm in Boulder's history Farrand Hall in 1980 (I drank my first bourbon with the two who knowing I was a lightweight tried to make me drunk and say stupid things). Nina was a huge amount of fun. She would make fun of me and I would chase her down the hall (of course she was a lot faster than me because she was on the track team but sometimes I was able to catch her when she got cornered).

She would also slip ridiculous poems under our door and hid in our dorm room when football players who she had tormented would come looking for her. On many a Sunday when their was no food at the dorm (me and Nina were always broke) she would often tell me "I'll eat a pizza with you if you buy it, but this is not a date". Nina was a lot of fun and will be missed.

Posted by Brian Kaplan

Greta Wilson (not verified)

September 12, 2023

Dear Friends and Family of Nina,

As yet another September 11th graces our calendars, I find myself reflecting on the memories and the indelible mark that Nina left on all of us. Her memory, far from dimming with the passage of time, continues to shine brilliantly in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to have known her.

I extend my sincerest blessings to Nina.  May God's grace envelop her in eternal peace and happiness.

To Nina's family and friends, may tranquility and solace be yours as we collectively remember a remarkable Woman whose impact defies the confines of time.

Warm regards,
Greta Wilson Alumnus, University of Colorado

Jerome Blackman (not verified)

September 12, 2023

We shared a brief but glorious time in the Oakland/East Bay area in the 1990's. You are missed.

Posted by Jerome Blackman

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