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February 21, 2020

I didn't know you. I saw your name in the news and eventually somehow I talked to your family in emails. I carried a piece of paper with your name on it during each mission my unit went out on until I was disabled in 2006. Even though I did not know you before your death you have been close to my heart along with your family. I will never forget your sacrifice or that of your loved ones. Chief

Published by CW2 Owens

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Williston Park, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Government Agencies

Pete was a pretty simple guy. He went to work every day. He was never late or sick. He loved to take care of me and the kids and the garden. He loved sports and fishing. Pete coached our sons in basketball and baseball. He was a fair coach and a good sport. Pete folded the wash and did the dishes every night. He took our daughter Maryellen to all the newest silly movies, for bike rides and shopping. Our kids are Joe, 21, Tom, 14, and Maryellen, 12. We used to like to watch “Friends” and “Raymond” and the Yankees together. He had to watch “Cops” and The Discovery Channel and Saturday morning fishing shows by himself. He was really funny and we all laughed a lot. Pete’s parents are Dolores and Pete, his brothers are Terry-married to Joanie, their kids are Robert and AnneMarie; Kevin-married to Lorraine; Tom, who is married to Kate and has a new baby, Clare; and John. His sister is Kathy, who shared a birthday with him-December 2. On this birthday, his 43rd, he was supposed to be going on his annual fishing trip to the Salmon River. Instead, his friends took with them a bronze plaque with his picture on it that they had made to hang at their fishing spot in his memory.