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Place of Residence:
Culpeper, VA
Federal Bureau of Investigation | Supervisory Investigative Specialist, Special Surveillance Group (SSG)

Saul Tocker was born April 3, 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland to Sandee Stein and the late Carl Tocker.

A dedicated husband, father, brother, son, Saul was greatly loved by many friends and extended family. He was an avid sports fan and loved his Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Orioles. He was also quite the connoisseur of good bourbon and fine cigars. A big bear of a man, he was known for his big, infectious smile, and the propensity to lovingly slap you hard on the back when greeting you. He had the distinct gift of giving everyone his undivided attention during each encounter.

Tocker was a true Patriot who recently retired after 30 years of faithful service to the FBI. On September 11, 2001 Saul responded to a call for assistance at the Pentagon following the terrorist attacks that shaped our nation's history. Because of his efforts to render aid, and the conditions in which he experienced that fateful morning, Saul suffered injuries that manifested in his cancer fight order the past 5 years.

At his retirement ceremony, his many contributions and the indelible mark he left on espionage, counter terrorism, and national security were recounted. He was presented with multiple plaques and coins, and a flag that had flown in his honor over the Pentagon, FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, and the FBI Field office. Saul worked on some of the most significant FBI cases in recent history, to include the convictions of the former FBI agents Earl Pitts and Robert Hanssen who had sold American secrets to Russia. His colleagues remember him for his leadership, kindness, and his personal sacrifices.