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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Warren, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Accountant and Partner
Hobbies and Special Interests:

Sheryl Lynn Rosenbaum, a loving wife and mother, was only 33 when she was killed in the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001.

Sheryl worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, as an accountant and partner, doing a job that she loved. It was her sixth year with the company. She wanted to be an accountant, just like her father, ever since she was a little girl and used to go help her father in his office. Little did she know that she would grow up and meet the father of her children in the same field. She married Mark Rosenbaum in 1994. They would've celebrated their seventh anniversary a few weeks after that tragic day. Sheryl was very happy with Mark, and very much in love. She carried pictures of them together and showed them to her friends and co-workers. She also loved to show the beautiful double string pearl bracelet that he gave her. She always thought of him while at work and she would listen to the Grease soundtrack, which was his favorite, whenever she had to work late at the office.

Sheryl was a hard worker, she was confident, determined, ambitious, loyal, honest, and very bright. Her talents and diligence earned her bonuses and a partnership in Cantor Fitzgerald. She was very valuable to the company, and when the time came that she wanted to start a family, her supervisors wouldn't let her resign. Instead they changed her hours and allowed her to work four days a week. Havinga family was the most important thing to Sheryl. She and her husband Mark were blessed with two beautiful children, Hannah and Sam. At the time of her death, Hannah was 3 and Sam was 17 months old. Their mother was taken from them, and her children will have to grow up without her, but Sheryl will always be with her children. She will always watch over them and she will live on through them.

Five years have passed since that dreadful day, but Sheryl will never be forgotten. She left a part of herself with everyone that knew her, loved her, and worked with her. Those whose lives she touched will always have her with them; they will always hear her voice, always see her smile, and always feel her warmth. She will always be in the hearts of her family, her friends, and co-workers because she made their world a brighter place. She was only here for 33 years, but in that time she enriched the lives of so many people by being such a loving, caring and generous person. She was someone you could turn to and depend on.

Sheryl was a very dedicated woman. She was always there when she was needed. No matter what had to be done, she always took the time to make sure it was done. She was also very giving, always there to listen, and always there to be a friend to those that worked with her. She was loved by everyone that knew her because she was outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic, she had a great sense of humor, and was always laughing.

As a child, she was so full of energy, always getting into everything, and wanting to know everything. Sheryl's family described her as the "glue" of the family, and also the "thread" that pulled them into a tight, loving, and giving family. She was a wonderful and loving daughter, grandaughter, and sister to two brothers, Marc and David. They were all very proud of the woman she grew into and of everything that she achieved. Every day that passes, she will be missed.

Cantor Fitzgerald occupied offices on floors 101-105 in the North tower of the World Trade Center. Sheryl Rosenbaum was one of 658 Cantor employees that lost their lives on Sept 11. The first airplane,American Airlines flight 11, crashed into the North tower at a speed of 470 mph between floors 93-99. Sheryl was on the105th floor. None of the Cantor Fitzgerald employees stood a chance of getting out.

Sheryl's mother, Bobbie Rosner heard her daughters voice, shortly after the attack. Mrs Rosner called Sheryl at work once she found out of the terrorist attacks. Someone in the office picked up the phone and told Sheryl about the phone call, but she told her co-worker to hang up the phone.

A light has gone out in the lives of her parents, Bobbi and Barry Rosner. Sheryl lit up their lives with her beautiful smiles, and her warm heart. She will always be loved, adored, and missed.