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Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

"I was driving to work this week when Story Corps came on. I was very luck to be able to listen to you and your Mom talk about your grandfather. He sounded like he was a fun and special guy. I could tell that you love him" and miss him very much. I am so sorry that you are feeling sad this time of the year. I just wanted to tell you that you grandfather will always be with you. Always remember the good times you had with him and not just the bad thing that happened to him. Remember the fun you had and all the good times you shared. If you do this then your grandfather is never really gone. He is somewhere that you can always see him in that place in your mind. You can always talk to him and imagine the fun things you could do together. As long as you remember him he will always be with you. I told my family about you and your grandfather. My son who is 6 years old learned about your Pop-pop as well. He really was sad for you and wanted to send you one of his beloved cars to make you feel better. Each year on September 11th our family lights a candle to remember two friends who were in the same buildings as your grandfather. This year we will add another candle in honor of your grandfather and your family. We will remember him through the year so that he will live in our minds as well.

William Sajancki and Family

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

Gone but NEVER forgotten. All Our prayers and best wishes on this 8th anniversary. Love to All The Steckmans XXXXOOOO

Posted by Darcy Bertolotti

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

On this day after news of bin Laden's demise I thought "This is for you Bill". I lost contact with Bill after junior high school as we went our separate ways. I found out what he was up to after a story about him on local TV in New York on 9/11. Today I Googled "Bill Steckman" and found this site. We were in elementary school together in the 50's and were good friends since we lived around the block from each other in Astoria Queens on 44th and 45th streets. I enjoyed some time with him on his parents boat and I remember his mom always offering hot chocolate when visiting him. He was always tinkering with electronics even as a ten year old. One day in fifth grade he came in with a bow tie that had a battery operated light bulb inserted in it that he flashed from a switch located in his pocket. Hilarious stuff for ten year olds. We also enjoyed Mad Magazine together and continuously laughed at silly situations. Bill had a good sense of humor and it rubbed off on his friends one of which is writing this. I hope this day brings some closure to the families that lost loved ones on that infamous day.

Published by Bob Barth

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

I moved to 44th st in Astoria when I was 5 yrs old and the very 1st kid I met was Bill. I always called him Willie be cause thats how he introduced himself to me. We became good friends immediatly. I remember when we were 11 and 12 he hooked up a private telephone line between his house and mine and we lived 4 houses away from each other. He would call me every morning to tell me he was leaving for school and we would meet at my stoop and walk together. We were inseperable. we did almost everything together. I sat many a time in his room while he was at his ham radio. During the Easter vacation we would walk to Laguardia airport and spend the whole day there watching the plane take off. The first time I ever went fishing was aboard the Steckmans boat a 26 ft Wheeler if I remember correctly.

Published by Al [Pepi] Stahl

Michael Glaser (not verified)

May 06, 2022

Nicest guy, great engineer.

Posted by Michael Glaser

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Place of Residence:
West Hempstead, NY
Location on 9/11:
NBC | Engineer

December 24, 1944 — September 11, 2001 William V Steckman, husband to Barbara, father to Donna, Deborah, Deanine, Diana and William and grandfather to Mikey, Frankie, Victoria, and Zephrom, was tragically taken from our family on September 11, 2001. Since that fateful day, all of our lives have drastically changed forever but one thing that won't change is the closeness and the love our family has always shown each other. Little did we know that on September 9, 2001, as we gathered for a traditional Steckman family birthday dinner, that it would become a treasured memory of a loving husband, father and "Pop-Pop" who was taken away from us too soon. We will sorely miss his gentle smile and loving face. When the grandchildren were around, he would walk into a room and to them it was as if no one was around. Their eyes would light up and they would yell "Pop-Pop". At the same time his great big smile would light up the room at seeing them run toward him for a hug. His wonderful sense of humor was well known and brought joy to us all through the years. He was so quick witted that sometimes it was hard to tell if he was joking or pulling our leg. In his spare time he would fix broken TV'S, VCR'S, radios and creates toys out of useless odds and ends for the grandchildren. He was an avid HAM radio operator and was the designer and chief operator of New York's first and only amateur television repeater station serving the Ham community. He made sure it stayed on the air for many years all the way through September 11, 2001. His other great passion was boating. "Captain Bill" would take any opportunity to be out on the water. Whether it was an overnight trip with mom, a free concert at Zach's Bay, fishing with the grandchildren or son- in-laws, Bobby, Jim, Dave and Mike or just a day at the beach with the entire family, there was nothing that made him happier. Smiles, laughter and a good time were had by all. Boating season was never long enough for him. We are thankful for all the wonderful memories and all the special times we shared with him. Family weddings, birthdays, barbeques and getting together for no special reason other than to be together, will be treasured times that will keep his spirit alive. We are deeply saddened that he was taken away from us so suddenly. His presence and his loving smile will be greatly missed from future memories we had hoped to create with him. We will always be proud of our "Pop-Pop Bill" and all the things he taught us. We will miss him dearly but his legacy of love and togetherness that he left behind will be with us forever. The Steckman Family