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February 24, 2020

I offer this message to Olabisi (I know you will see/feel this) and her family. If I recall she was survived by her husband and three sons (forgive me if I am mistaken). I worked on the 79th Floor of WTC-I and had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Olabisi for almost a year. There are few people that you meet in a lifetime who leave an indelible mark on you--in a very positive way. Olabisi was one of those people. I don t think I have ever met someone more positive genuine sincere or decent than Olabisi. Each and every morning when I arrived at my office at 7:15AM Bisi would be there to greet me with the biggest warmest smile. I don't know that she ever had a bad day. If she did she never let us know it. I looked forward to going to work each day so I could be touched by her positive spirit and energy. She was always willing to help me in any way to make my job easier and more pleasant. She became a real friend in the months that I worked with her. My company left the WTC a few months before 9/11. On that morning I found myself entering the lobby of WTC-I en route to a meeting just when the first plane hit. I came as close to the carnage in the lobby as anyone could have without getting injured or killed. But since that fateful day I have mourned the loss of Olabisi (and her colleagues) and have never stopped thinking of her. I often think of her family (which I have never met) and hope and pray that they have been able to find peace in their lives. I can't imagine how great their loss was if mine was this great after only knowing her in a professional context for less than a year. I hope this message finds you and offers some solace and comfort to what must be the most painful and unbearable loss a family could endure. Bisi's spirit is so strong that it has and will continue to survive forever. In the weeks before 9/11 I remember passing through the WTC complex and saying to myself that I should go up to the 79th floor and say hi to Bisi...I never made that visit. In trying desperately to reconcile my own feelings of grief and guilt for having survived that day I often wished that my life had been taken instead of Bisi's. I was 28 years old and single at that time. It didn't seem fair that she had to be stripped from a family that loved her and needed her. I have written a song called Waiting For the Rain which was composed and dedicated to Bisi and her family. When it is in a completed form I hope to give it to you as a token of my love for and appreciation of your wife/mom. I am now developing a film that deals with the emotional aftermath of those who were touched by 9/11. I dedicate this work to Olabisi and all those who lost their lives that day. In closing I want to say that I feel honored to have known and worked with Olabisi Yee. I feel privileged to be one of the fortunate ones who were touched by her spirit and I think constantly of her and her family. Although her body was taken away her love and spirit will be with us forever!

Published by Peter James Elias

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