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I'm So Sorry and I feel so Sad I just found out today about the loss of Freddie. He was so kind to us ... He took us sightseeing around New York he gave us such a memorable time I will never forget! He sent me a deep fryer- to London because I enjoyed Buffalo Wings and he told me how to make them ... and when my first son was born he sent me a jogging buggy as we didn't have them yet in the U.K - He made us feel really Special! When he came to London we went out for dinner and after we took him for a walk through Soho in London and I remember he wondered if it was safe to walk there at night and it made us laugh as he came from NY ... Very Sad to see the loss of Freddie who used to call me Spunky To his wife and son Erik we have fond memories of Freddie and his Happy Smile I'm sorry for your loss - (our sons are now 15 and 12yrs now)

Posted by Melanie and Shinji Higashiyama

It's almost 20 years since the tragedy death of Freddie at World Trade Center. He was my favorite broker at Cantor and I kept in touch with his family briefly afterwards but lost contact when I was transferred to Asia. Back in US now and would love to reconnect with his family.

Posted by Shenghua Hu

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