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Place of Residence:
New York, NY
Location on 9/11:
In Remembrance
Fred Alger & Company | Vice President

Peter and Clara met when they were 20 and 16 years old (respectively). The first gift that Peter gave Clara was a stuffed monkey. “He loved monkeys,” said Clara. “This guy (the monkey) got me through everything (the loss of Peter).” Five years later, Peter and Clara decided to get married. Clara said that it was one of the best days of their life. Peter requested the Master of Ceremonies to extend the party an extra hour. His request was granted.

Clara described her husband as a jokester and yet he had a very serious side. He was her teddy bear, her strength and her best friend. He pushed her to do things, such as finishing her college degree in Special Education. All the children in the family loved Peter. He had three Godchildren (one Godson and two Goddaughters) and two sons of his own, Michael and Nicholas. He was very involved in his sons’ lives, from religious milestones and rituals to academia. He also participated in Boy Scouts and “did everything they asked him to do except wear a uniform,” Clara said. One particular joke in scouting was a latrine cake he and his son designed for a contest because someone was having problems with the latrine during one of their many camping trips. He and the boys also enjoyed doing projects together, such as building a garage and planting a vegetable garden. Peter always preferred working with his hands instead of working at a desk.

One of many of Peter’s favorite things was his Camaro. He called it, “The Baby.” Clara stated that he carried a picture of “The Baby” in his wallet, which was placed before his wedding picture and a photo of his sons. His other love was having a good time. The Chirchirillo's attended themed New Years Parties, where everyone dressed up. One year it was a luau theme and he dressed up as a hoola girl, complete with leis, a long-haired wig, and a hoola dress. Peter was not a man who enjoyed fancy things. At one party, the theme was Ritz and glamour. Instead of dressing up in a tux and tie, he dressed up as the Chauffer.

Peter Chirchirillo was a man loved by many people. “He wasn’t supposed to be there (the WTC)” said Clara, tearfully. He worked in lower Manhattan however, “Because he didn’t want to travel up-town for a meeting that day, which would take him longer in travel time, he went to his office to do a conference call instead.”

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