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Myrna was a gift to her family and friends and mothered one of the most wonderful human beings I have had the pleasure of calling my friend. May you rest in peace always mom.

Published by Roseann Pascale

My sister Myrna was the life of the party. Her angelic nature served as a magnet drawing like-spirited people to her. She was dedicated to her family and extended family as well as her close friends. She is sorely missed by everyone who knew her. Rest in peace my dear sister. Your loving brother Philip.

Published by Philip Pearl

My beautiful sister Myrna was so full of life. That is why it is so hard to believe that she is gone. I hear her voice in my head everyday her laughter and sisterly life advice. I love and miss her so. Rest in peace my beautiful sister.

Published by Bonnie Shimel

You're missed so very much....not a day goes by without thinking about you and wishing this was just a horrible dream....Rest in Peace my big sister.....

Published by Ina Stanley

I didn't know Myrna well but her Son Jay has been a wonderful Friend. She had a great influence on him. She must have been a special person. I know Jay misses her very much!

Published by Shirley Magee

My beautiful sister Myrna was truly One in a million. I miss her laughter and joy.Rest in peace my dear sister.

Published by Ivan Pearl

I have a great picture of Myrna & Jeffrey that I want to add. You are both thought about - and missed so much. You are forever in our Hearts.

Much Love


Posted by Beverly Fish

you are missed so much. Not a day goes by that i don t think about all the help that you have given me. The only comfort i have is that you are surrounded by the other family members who have gone on before and after. Rest in Peace Cuz.

Published by Marc Spiegel

I will never forget my cuz Myrna. She had so much life in her as well as love to share with everyone who came in contact with her. My family and i will never forget her.

Posted by Marc Spiegel

Our Dear Cousin Myrna,

When we were all growing up together on 45th street is by far my fondest memories, as I know they are for Stephen and Phyllis as well. You are loved and missed by all of us. You are always in our hearts.

Love Myra, Phyllis & Stephen

Posted by Myra Brownfeld

It's been 10 years and I still asking myself why you went into work early that day. Losing you that day affected every aspect of our lives. I hate the fact that you can't spend time with Brianna and Shannon and see how they have grown into fine young woman. I lost a mother-in-law who became a true friend during the year before 9/11. I miss my 11:30 am phone calls from you and I miss your laughter and I miss you so much. Rest in Peace Myrna.

Posted by Louise Yaskulka

Love Always

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Staten Island, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fred Alger & Company | Executive Secretary

Myrna Yaskulka's family called her the bag lady -- she was rarely without bulging shopping bags from Strawberry and Century 21. To her granddaughters, the clothes they contained were more thrilling than a new Barbie outfit. There was, for instance, her metallic gold raincoat. And her FUBU pantsuit. And leopard-skin everything -- pants, earrings, photo frames.

"Not the sorts of things," said Jay Yaskulka, her son, "you would normally see on a woman her age." But Ms. Yaskulka, 59 and a size 8, was as chic as a downtown hipster. She was such an ardent shopper that store managers called her about new shipments. She was confident enough to wear outrageous things, like pink rhinestone-studded sunglasses, and carry it off.

She commuted from Staten Island to her secretarial job at Fred Alger Management in 1 World Trade Center. Often, Mr. Yaskulka passed beneath her windows when he took Brianna, 8, and Shannon, 4, to the city. "When we drove by the World Trade Center," he said, "they would look up at the 93rd floor and yell, `Hi, Grandma!' "