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9:00am - 4:30pm EST
Online Event

VOICES 2020 NYC Symposium

VOICES 2020 Virtual
Annual Remembrance Symposium
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Thursday, September 10, 2020
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Marriott Downtown Hotel | 85 West Street | New York City
On September 9 and 10, VOICES hosted its 2-day virtual symposium featuring presentations by leading experts in the fields of mental health, trauma, bereavement and resiliency, including issues that are important for the 9/11 community, as well as those working with communities impacted by other traumatic events.

This year’s online event, Pathways to Resilience During Unpredictable Times, presented a new opportunity to engage over 900 people worldwide – including registrants from Australia, Bosnia, Brussels, Canada, Norway, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.

Wednesday’s programming focused on mental health and wellness with informative, interactive presentations by leading experts in the field of trauma, bereavement and building resiliency. Dr. Charles Figley gave the keynote presentation entitled: Collective Trauma, Collective Fatigue. The day’s events also included inspirational stories of resilience from victims' families, responders and survivors.

Thursday began with our traditional candle lighting ceremony. The collective sentiment, voiced by many from our community, honored the dignity, courage and unwavering spirit of the families, friends, rescue workers and survivors, and all those who were affected by the tragedy. This year we also recognized all of the 9/11 responder advocates, along with a special tribute to Lou Alvarez and Ray Pfeifer. Medical and legal experts provided information on important issues – the Victim Compensation Fund and other Compensation programs, September 11th Litigation against Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the WTC Health Program during COVID-19.

September 9, 2020
Opening Remarks and Introduction to Voices Center for Resilience
A warm welcome to VOICES 19th Annual Remembrance Symposium from Mary Fetchet. This year’s virtual event allowed VOICES to introduce our programs and services to new participants from all over the world.
Mary Fetchet, LCSW – Executive Director, VOICES
Keynote Address: Collective Trauma, Collective Fatigue
Charles Figley, PhD – Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health and Director of the Tulane University Traumatology Institute; Professor, Tulane School of Social Work
Grief, Loss and Pathways to Resilience
Stephen Cozza, MD – COL, U.S. Army Retired, Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Senior Scientist, Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Uniformed Services University
Christy Denckla, PhD – Research Associate, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and Broad Institute, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research
M. Katherine Shear MD – Director, Center for Complicated Grief at Columbia University
Providing Support and Promoting Resilience in Children and Families
Suzanne Phillips, PsyD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA – Adjunct Full Professor, Clinical Psychology, LIU; Faculty, SIPP; Fellow, Board Member; Co-Chair, AGPA
Cynthia W. Moore, PhD – Associate Director, Marjorie E. Korff PACT Program; Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School
Aude Henin, PhD – Co-Director, Child Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program, Massachusetts General Hospital; Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School
Stories of Resilience: Giving VOICE to Victims’ Families, Responders and Survivors
A panel discussion with victims’ families, responders and survivors who have been impacted by acts of mass violence and other tragedies.
Fred Guttenberg – Father of Jaime Guttenberg, Parkland shooting, Author of “Finding the Helper”
Mayra Alvear - Mother of Amanda Alvear, Victim’s Liaison, onePULSE Foundation
Jeannie Kelly - 9/11 Responder, (NYPD Retired), Director 9/11 Outreach and Education, Turken, Heath & McCauley
Ann-Marie Principe - 9/11 Survivor
September 10, 2020
Opening Remarks and Introduction to Voices Center for Resilience
A warm welcome to VOICES 19th Annual Remembrance Symposium from Mary Fetchet. This year’s virtual event allowed VOICES to introduce our programs and services to new participants from all over the world.
Mary Fetchet, LCSW – Executive Director, VOICES
VOICES 19th Anniversary Candle Lighting Ceremony
Thank you to all of our candlelighters
Bonnie McNamara, Alice Greenwald, Carol Ashley, Wendy Henry, Gina Orlando, Jeanmarie Hargrave, Arnie Korotkin, Jeannie Kelly, John Feal, Nina Fisher, Mike Dempsey, Dianne Brudnicki, Sue O’Sullivan, Stefanie Langsam, Robert Gray, Matt McCauley, Gordon Haberman, Ann-Marie Principe, Fred Guttenberg, Frank Fetchet, and Mary Fetchet.
Honoring the Legacies of the 9/11 Responders who advocated for the permanent reauthorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Mary Fetchet, LCSW – Executive Director, VOICES
John Feal – Founder, The FealGood Foundation
Lainie Alvarez – Wife of Lou Alvarez, former NYPD Police Detective and 9/11 responder
Phil Alvarez – Brother of Lou Alvarez, former NYPD Police Detective and 9/11 advocate, Director of 9/11 Outreach & Education, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP
Caryn Pfeifer – Wife of Ray Pfeifer, former FDNY firefighter and 9/11 responder
Update on the Victims Compensation Fund and Other Compensation Programs
Matthew J. McCauley – Moderator – Partner, Turken, Heath & McCauley
Rupa Bhattacharyya - Special Master, September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Joe Calvacante - Advocate for Injured Workers, NYS Workers’ Compensation Board
John P Dearie – Partner, The Dearie Law Firm, P.C.
Noah Kushlefsky – Partner, Kreindler Law Firm
Michael Barasch – Partner, Barasch & McGarry
Progress Report on September 11th Litigations: Update on the Saudi Litigation and Iran Fund
Robert Haefele – Senior Counsel, Motley Rice LLC
John Eubanks - Member Attorney, Motley Rice LLC
Jim Kreindler – Partner, Kreindler Law Firm
Megan Benett – Partner, Kreindler Law Firm
Brett Eagleson – Family Advocate, Son of John Eagleson
World Trade Center Health Program: Treatment and Outreach Updates During COVID-19
Stephanie Landau - VOICES Project Manager
Michael Weiden, MS, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine - Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Jacqueline Moline, MD - Professor, Occupational Medicine, Epidemiology and Prevention - Northwell Health
James T. Ryder - Administrator, FealGood Foundation Outreach and Education, NYPD Ret., 9/11 DNA Database
Commemorating the Lives and Documenting the Stories
Mary Fetchet – Executive Director, VOICES
Alice Greenwald – President & CEO, 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Robert Gray – Ride of Hope, Responder at the Pentagon
Jay Winuk – Co-founder and Executive Vice President of 9/11 Day
Virtual Tour of the 9/11 Memorial
The 9/11 Memorial staff held a 45-minute virtual tour of the 9/11 Memorial plaza. Tour participants will learn about 9/11 as they honor the victims and consider how people selflessly responded during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have not visited the 9/11 Memorial to experience it, while virtually taking in the panoramic views of the rebuilt World Trade Center.
September 16, 2020
7:30pm – 9:00 pm EST
Supporting Ourselves; Supporting Each Other: Peer-to-Peer Support Groups
9/11 community virtual peer-to-peer support groups facilitated by clinicians from the American Group Psychotherapy Association. Join us for intimate conversations among 9/11 victims’ families, responders, survivors and the families of those who have died of 9/11 related illnesses to support one another. Participants will be divided into small discussion groups.
Open to 9/11 survivors, victims’ families, responders and recovery workers. Families of those who have died of 9/11 related illnesses are also invited to participate.

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