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NBC producer talks 9/11 with HHS students during weeklong symposium

Hendersonville High's social studies department held its annual symposium last week with the theme "September 11, 2001 – Twenty Years Later." An assembly held Friday, Nov. 19 featured guest speaker Christian Martin, a former producer for NBC who was on scene at the World Trade Center when the towers fell and whose footage was featured on major news networks. More.

9/11: 20 Years Later, A Father Mourns

Lieutenant Colonel Shamrao Thatte's lovely Indian-American granddaughter, of eloquent light eyes and long shiny black hair, turned 21 at the end of August. He last met her 20 years ago. And has not spoken to her in between either. It's his misfortune he feels. There's regret that he doesn't know her. But not overpowering sadness. More.

9/11 Firefighter Honored With Street Renaming in Island Park

Firefighter John R. Elges did not die on September 11, 2001 but the sickness he developed after that tragic day eventually took his life, like many other heroes who we have lost since. Making his way to Ground Zero with other members of his firehouse, Elges worked the pile for ten grueling days, sifting through the rubble helping recovery efforts as did thousands of others in the aftermath. More.

Musical that tells true story of what happened after 9/11 first major show at renovated St James theatre

A musical that tells the true story of how a small Canadian town embraced 7000 airline passengers stranded there after the 9/11 tragedy will be the first major production at the capital’s St James Theatre when it reopens. More.

Trauma and 9/11: Facing Challenges Together – PART II

This open panel conversation will focus specifically on trauma grounded in the 9/11 experience, with therapist-driven opportunities to hear stories of the day from NYC and the Pentagon, life since (including manifestations of PTSI), and steps taken for self-care of mental health. More.

Accused 9/11 Mastermind Seeks Entry to Secret Testimony

A protection lawyer on Wednesday invoked the bedrock American proper to confront one’s accuser as he requested a army choose to allow the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, assaults to attend secret testimony by two psychologists who waterboarded him 183 instances. More.

18K Daffodils Planted On Flatbush Ave Honor 9/11, COVID Victims

Those lost during the coronavirus pandemic will soon be remembered by a garden of thousands of daffodils on Flatbush Avenue, a new addition to the annual Daffodil Project. The 18,000 flowers — set to bloom in early spring — will be planted on the Flatbush Avenue border of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden over two volunteer days this week, the first of which was held on Tuesday. More.

Trauma and 9/11: Facing Challenges Together – PART I, INTERVIEW III

As part of our virtual series, "Trauma and 9/11: Facing Challenges Together," our next interview is with Theresa Creedon, surviving family member and peer support counselor, 4U9/11. This third interview will shine a light on family responses to trauma and how community support makes a difference. More.