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International Best Practices

International Best Practices: Advice in Supporting Victims of Mass Victimization Incidents in Canada

Project Title: Canadian Community Response Program: Recommendations on a Framework for Community Stakeholders in Preparing For, Responding To, and Recovering From Acts of Mass Victimization

VOICES is honored to have been awarded a third grant by the Canadian government, on behalf of Public Safety Canada, to develop recommendations for a framework for a potential Canadian response program.  Recommendations will draw upon VOICES expertise in providing short and long-term support services needed by those impacted by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, as well as extensive research conducted following other acts of terrorism and mass violence.  The outcomes of this grant will provide Canada with a summary of lessons learned and best practices to help prepare key stakeholders to respond to the needs of victims’ families and the community-at-large following incidents of mass victimization.

While the impacts of terrorist acts and mass violence are devastating, Canada recognizes that the effectiveness and timeliness of response and support efforts are critical in helping people and communities both recover and build resilience. VOICES’ unique expertise, with nearly nineteen years of experience in providing support services for 9/11 victims’ families, responders and survivors, along with a global presence in working with international organizations in helping families and communities heal after tragedy.  In addition to drawing upon prior research, VOICES is conducting further interviews to evaluate Canada’s current response plans/model, as well as the international response and coordination of victims’ services following recent acts of mass violence in the United States and abroad.