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Discussion Groups in Advance of the Anniversary

Virtual Gathering of the 9/11 Community
Our VOICES Together: A Virtual Gathering of the 9/11 Community,
Before & After the 21st Anniversary
Wednesday, August 31 7:00pm EST
Wednesday, September 21 7:00pm EST

Join us on Wednesday, August 31 and Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00pm as we gather virtually to support one another in advance of, and after, the upcoming anniversary. The program will begin with a presentation by members of the American Group Psychotherapy Association about ways to cope with, and prepare for, the commemoration of 9/11. Participants will break into small discussion groups, each facilitated by a clinician, to allow for meaningful conversation.


Using Expressive Writing to Cope
Using Expressive Writing to Cope
Thursday, August 25, 7:00pm EST

Using Expressive Writing to CopeWriting for as little as 10-15 minutes a day for 3-4 days about an upsetting experience can improve physical health, sleep, and reduce stress. Join us on Thursday, August 25 at 7:00pm for an interactive presentation with Jamie Pennebaker, a leading researcher focused on the relationship between expressive writing and physical/mental health. Participants will learn how to use expressive writing and understand the ways it can positively impact our minds and bodies.

Participation is free and registration is required.