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Encore of The Ripple Effect of Trauma

Dr. Gurwitch Presents: Ripple Effect of Trauma
VOICES Encore: The Ripple Effect of Trauma
Understanding and Supporting Those Impacted by Mass Violence
Presented by Dr. Robin Gurwitch
Tuesday, February 20th - 10:00am EST
Have you or your children been impacted by mass violence? Are you working with children affected by tragedy? Would you like to learn about the long-term effects of trauma, and how to promote resilience?
Join us for the re-broadcast of Robin Gurwitch’s excellent presentation on The Ripple Effect of Trauma: Understanding and Supporting those Impacted by Mass Violence. Robin discusses traumatic stress, how immediate and long-term effects of exposure to trauma vary among individuals and what contributing factors influence the intensity and duration of those effects.
The presentation offers strategies to recognize and strengthen one’s protective factors that build resilience and lead to post-traumatic growth.
Register today and join us on February 20th.