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Happy Self Part Two: Let's Make Dreams Come True

Happy Self Part Two
Happy Self: Part Two
Let's Make Dreams Come True
Wednesday, April 26 at 12:00pm EST

Join us for an inspirational, interactive workshop with Life Coach Tracy Fox who will help us identify invisible roadblocks that prevent happiness.

Do you want to develop confidence, bring your dreams into reality, or simply better manage your life? Volunteers will be chosen from the audience for a live coaching session to demonstrate the process of how to reach our highest potential.

Register Now! Only those registered are eligible to be chosen for the live coaching session with Tracy Fox.


Watch Part One Now!
Happy Self: A Three-Step Strategy to Elevate Your Inner Game
Are you stuck? Would you like to find your happy self? These questions were addressed by best-selling author Tracy Fox last month when speaking about her book. This presentation is a great primer to our upcoming event on April 26!