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Voices Center for Resilience (VOICES) announced today the opening of its 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit - VOICES of Expression: Messages of Hope and Healing on September 1 at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT. The exhibit includes a selection of VOICES private, curated collection of artistic expressions that were created and donated to the organization over two decades, by artists of all ages from around the world.

VOICES’ extensive collection includes thousands of pieces of inspirational artwork, mail art, photographs, sculptures, drawings, and quilts. These contemplative, artistic creations express a range of emotions – among them empathy, grief, compassion, friendship, and patriotism. They also commemorate the lives lost, document the stories, and capture the comfort extended to our Nation. An online exhibit will broaden the gallery experience.

“We are excited to share this special collection of artwork that demonstrates the empathy and compassion of artists of all ages from around the world,” said VOICES Board of Directors Chair Bonnie McNamara. “As VOICES work continues, we are committed to providing the same message of hope and healing for communities impacted by other tragedies.”

The Opening Night Preview and Reception, to be held Wednesday, September 1, 2021 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm, will offer an array of palette-pleasing hors d’oeuvres from renowned caterer Marcia Selden Catering.

Some of the featured artists will be attending the Opening Night to share their stories and their work.

“It is an honor to be the curators of this important artwork, and we are grateful to the thousands of talented artists who have contributed to the collection. Their caring, compassion and friendship expressed through their art has been a comfort to so many over the years.”

Dianne Brudnicki, Seattle Art Project
Soon after 9/11, Dianne Brudnicki and her students created a compilation of artwork to provide hope and healing for the victims’ families, and in the years following. Many of the same original artists who have now become professional artists, will be contributing artwork to this year’s exhibit.

John Coburn, Healing Hearts
“The unspeakable happened on September 11th, 2001 and suddenly the world changed,” said John Coburn. His response was to create a series of pen and ink drawings documenting the recovery efforts and depicting the survivors and responders in the aftermath of 9/11. An original (on loan from the 9/11 Memorial Museum) and full-size prints will be exhibited.

Robert Carley, The Metamorphosis of the Flag Since 9/11
Remembering the terror attacks of 9/11, Connecticut-based photographer Robert Carley documented memorials across the country. The most common tribute was flying American flags, but some people went beyond that, painting flags on virtually any surface – that he captured in his moving photographs.

Gail Ellspermann, 9/11 Mail Art
This special project, which was launched by Gail Ellspermann in 2002, asked participants to decorate an envelope as a personal reflection and to post mark the envelope on 9/11. School children and adults from around the world have participated in the project over the past 10 years. The “Remember September” project is a beautiful and thought-provoking tribute to those lost on 9/11.

VOICES of Expression Art Exhibit has been generously sponsored by Turken Heath, Dearie Law, Goldman Sachs Gives, Bankwell, Manfredi Jewels, Karl Chevrolet, Marcia Selden Catering, Moffly Media, Stewart’s Spirits, UK Sailmakers Northeast, Bonnie & Bob McNamara, Stephanie & Jim Vos, Mary & Frank Fetchet, and Silvermine Arts Center, among others.

For more information, to purchase tickets, make a donation, or become a Sponsor, please visit:

About Voices Center for Resilience
A Legacy of Support, Helping Communities Heal

From 9/11 to today, Voices Center for Resilience, formerly Voices of September 11th, provides long-term support and resources that promote mental health care and wellness for 9/11 victims’ families, responders and survivors, and assists communities in preparing for and recovering from tragedy in the U.S. and abroad.

Founded in 2001, VOICES has provided over 180,000 hours of support services and a broad range of programs that address the evolving needs of those impacted by 9/11. As a respected thought leader, VOICES legacy lives on through its commitment to leverage over 20 years of expertise to help communities impacted by other tragedies. Working collaboratively with longstanding public-private partnerships, the organization shares lessons learned, provides innovative online programs and comprehensive resources that promote healing and resilience.

VOICES will be commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks with a series of programs and events including:

Reflections on the 20th Anniversary A retrospective video featuring personal stories.
A Legacy of Support Services Resiliency programs, support groups, workshops & webinars.
9/11 Living Memorial Honoring Survivors & Responders who died of 9/11-related illnesses.
The Wolfgruber Digital Resource Library Providing extensive resources and publications.
Voices of Reflection Art Exhibit at Silvermine Arts Center, from September 1 – October 9.
20th Annual Remembrance Symposium Virtual and in-person in NYC, September 9 and 10.
Always Remember Gala An inspirational evening at the New York Athletic Club, NYC, November 3, 2021.


Jason Calfo | Director of Communications | (203) 966-3911