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Sean Dudley
Creative Director
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Phone : 203-966-3911
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Website :
Norwalk Community College

Sean joined the VOICES team in January 2009. Coming from a design background, Sean has Degree in Graphic Design and his skills include managing the overall visual experience of various projects, including creating the desired ideas, concepts and messages as well as creating various artwork digitally and traditionally.
Some of his duties at VOICES includes logo, signage, brochure and package design. He's created various brochures, posters and presentations for VOICES, designed the logo for the 9/11 Living Memorial and assisted design and development of the Always Remember Commemorative Book.
Sean is responsible for keeping the VOICES and 9/11 Living Memorial website up-to-date. He and his team of college interns are responsible for creating the Remembrance Pages for the 9/11 Living Memorial Project as well as organizing the content in the 9/11 Living Memorial Digital Archive.