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Notification of Remains

Over the years, VOICES has continued our longstanding partnership with OCME to keep victims’ families updated on its ongoing efforts to keep the pledge that the late Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Hirsch made “to do whatever it took, for as long as it took, to identify every victim.”

With new advances in DNA technology, Dr. Hirsch’s successor, Dr. Barbara Sampson, and the OCME team continue to make additional positive identifications. Since this work is ongoing, VOICES efforts to support and keep victims’ families informed remains a focus. Each year, VOICES Annual September Conference features an opportunity for victims’ families to meet with the Chief Medical Examiner and the OCME staff to get updates and ask questions on the notification process. Recently, VOICES also collaborated with the OCME to host an event to update the families on advances in DNA technology and OCME’s identification process.