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Digital Library Information

With the goal of providing a resource of educational tools to build community resilience, the Wolfgruber Institute Digital Library offers access to a vast catalog of VOICES proprietary research, Tip Sheets, webinars and videos, based on lessons learned following the tragic events of 9/11. Our aggregated content includes a collection of evidence-based trainings, best practices, resource kits, and national and international publications.

The Institute’s Digital Resource Library is accessible to scholars, mental health, and victim support service providers, and Institute members, which include corporate, government, and nonprofit partners and individuals.

Acts of terrorism, mass violence, man-made or natural disasters, and now pandemics, are occurring more frequently, both here in the United States and abroad. VOICES longstanding expertise in working with victims’ families, survivors, and responders, as well as our research findings, indicate a need for consistent long-term support, yet communities that wish to implement a long-term treatment model are often unsure where to begin.

In the aftermath of a tragedy where there is loss of life, injury, or severe stress, those impacted are often in shock, and may suffer from anxiety or fear. They may not know how to access critical information, mental health resources, and support. VOICES Tip Sheets (one set addressing mass violence and the second set in response to COVID-19) provide specific timely guidance for individuals and families, and a pathway to achieve healing and resilience.

VOICES webinar series is an interactive program presented by subject matter experts who have extensive clinical experience working with individuals and families. Our psycho-educational webinars provide information and guidance on relevant topics, along with an opportunity for participants to ask questions, share and connect. Programming is suitable for all audiences, including the 9/11 community and corporate employee assistance programs.

The VOICES video library is a wealth of information and inspiration – historic and current. Our videos are an aggregation of years of VOICES 9/11 symposiums, information forums, conferences, keynote speeches by prominent dignitaries and public servants, discussion panels about mental health considerations, VOICES award recipients, World Trade Center Health Program videos, PSAs, personal remembrances, and webinars.